About the 2018 Forum

A unique chance

Having in mind that Intermediary Cities are each one of them inscribed in their own territories, they offer a unique chance to complete the sustainability agendas through their development. The call made by the Intermediary Cities through this World Forum is to those international institutions that have launched the Global Agendas, to engage in processes and policies that will allow Intermediary Cities to take their responsibilities, through unlocking the unique potential they offer, enabling everyone to take their responsibility towards the future of the planet.

Building up a process

Arriving at the World Forum with a concrete material from the ground was the aim of this process : scientific material, political material, technical material as well as measure the part the citizenship is playing in the processes. A global mobilization happened through the continental pilot cities: the cities that are part of the nodal structure of the Forum, in partnership with the Regional Sections of UCLG.

The right persons at the right tables

The World Forum is conceived as a restraint event : receiving the global decision makers on urban issues, in the City of Chefchaouen, in the Format of Davos : United Nations, UN-Habitat, World Bank, Cities Alliance, UNDP, etc., as well as scientifics, experts, will be part of the 200 people invited, to engage and exchange on specific relevant points.


Download Concept and development of the World's Forum [PDF]